Dec. 30th, 2012

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I will start the new year with new knitting resolutions.
My stash of yarn is getting to big so i have to knit the following list of patterns, al knitted from yarn i already own.

-Fly away hoodie ( black lana grossa )
-Paulie ( purple with black stripes drops alpaca )
-Akoya ( reclaimed orange rowan felted tweed )
-Scrollwork ( teal annell malmedy )
-Stasis ( purple and read holst garn supersoft )
-Laar ( orange silky wool from bart and francis )

The order is not important.
  • And if i buy new yarn this year. I will no longer go for the cheapest option. It does not safe money at all because i end up not wearing what i have made and not enjoying the knitting progress.
  • i will sort out the rest of my stash and throw away or give away the stuff i know i will never use. Let the hoarding be over ;-)
  • Be proud of what i make and enjoy wearing it!!!!
  • Not let myself be tempted by a pattern,a colour or anything fancy that i know i will not wear because i'm not as bold as i sometimes think i am.
I made a head start on my resolutions with the Trail Hoodie. Knitting it with Katia Australl. Yarn that has been hanging around in my stash for three years. Its lovely yarn to knit with and my gosh its turning out pretty. I'm loving every minute of it.


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