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I will start the new year with new knitting resolutions.
My stash of yarn is getting to big so i have to knit the following list of patterns, al knitted from yarn i already own.

-Fly away hoodie ( black lana grossa )
-Paulie ( purple with black stripes drops alpaca )
-Akoya ( reclaimed orange rowan felted tweed )
-Scrollwork ( teal annell malmedy )
-Stasis ( purple and read holst garn supersoft )
-Laar ( orange silky wool from bart and francis )

The order is not important.
  • And if i buy new yarn this year. I will no longer go for the cheapest option. It does not safe money at all because i end up not wearing what i have made and not enjoying the knitting progress.
  • i will sort out the rest of my stash and throw away or give away the stuff i know i will never use. Let the hoarding be over ;-)
  • Be proud of what i make and enjoy wearing it!!!!
  • Not let myself be tempted by a pattern,a colour or anything fancy that i know i will not wear because i'm not as bold as i sometimes think i am.
I made a head start on my resolutions with the Trail Hoodie. Knitting it with Katia Australl. Yarn that has been hanging around in my stash for three years. Its lovely yarn to knit with and my gosh its turning out pretty. I'm loving every minute of it.


Dec. 24th, 2012 12:17 pm
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2013 is almost here. Hopefully it will brings the changes the earth is longing for. A new beginning. Being more gentle with mother earth and its creatures.
On a personal level i'm trying to invite change in my life and to enjoy it.

Guest kitty Tonnie will be leaving in january. I'm going to miss her. Not so sure if my other cat agrees with that sentiment though
I'm planning some new years resolutions concerning drawing and knitting.
And i've started dating. And will continue that in the next year...practise makes perfect ;-)

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Last week i went on a trip to one of the Dutch Isles. Its was magical as usual.
On the boat i was rocking two hand knits.
The cowl is a year old and still amazing to wear. The cardigan is nearing its second birthday and my most worn handknit to date

( ships and seasides cowl by http://tinyowlknits.blogspot.nl/ )
( white pine cardigan by Amy Christoffers http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/white-pine )


Oct. 1st, 2012 11:42 am
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The last week crafting has taken a back seat. My bathroom is being done and it has taken over all of my free time. And space. My livingroom is stuffed with supplies, washimachine and dust. Dust is every were. Before this week i never considered myself a very neat person but after this week i know i am. I hate the feeling of dust and my hands itch to start cleaning. To bad it will take an other week for the renovations to be finnished. So i have to sitt on my itching hands or distract them with knitting.

The worst part is the missing shower. I have to shower at friends places and work. I never felt more like a hobo.

this was day one. My brother is working on getting the old tiles removed.

day two tiles removed

day three bad placed and walls done

this is now. Bath build in and waiting for the walls to dry so they can start to put the tiles up.
Sight i HATE waiting

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This evening i went to my first Ashtanga yoga class.
I wa surprised to discover that the teacher was  someone who works for the same organization as i do. It made it all a bit easier.
The yoga was really hard and great at the same time. It focuses all on your breathing and the poses are really a work-out wich i enjoyed very much.
Its been a while since i undertook something really sporty and i love pushing myself.
I'm definitely going to do this regularly.


Jul. 26th, 2012 11:16 am
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Work on my knitting has slowed down alot since i've started sewing. So far the skirt is turning out great. And so much easier then i thought it would be. Not sure if the skirt isn't a bit to flaired for me but i love how it drapes.
The troubles i'm running into are largely related to trying to get the supplies needed. Its a trancelating thing. I needed fold over elastic ( and now thats not a band  )[profile] demuse ).And nobody seemd to know what the ducth name for it was. Got a lot of flabbergasted looks at the fabric market last monday. But in the end i found it.

and used it.
Rather nice stitching for a beginner if i say so myself.
The main part of the skirt is done now. It only needs a lot of embroidred stars.
Wich i started late last night

Lost of funn.


Jul. 22nd, 2012 07:47 pm
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I'm seem to keep posting lately.
But well today L took some pictures of me wearing my new jumper. So i just had to post them.
I'm really hard to take a proper picture of so i think L did a pretty good job.
And if one of these days i remember how to keep my face relaxed as soon as there is a lens near i will let you know ;-)

pattern: Shilshole
yarn: Drops Lima
raveled: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/Wisechild/shilshole
This jumper took me 11 days exactly. usually it takes me much longer. But the yarn is rather thick and somehow it flew of my needles.

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Somedays are just more productive then others. Today was one of those productive days.
Worked in the morning ( had shift from yesterday 19,30 till this morning 12.00 ) after work i went in to town to get dmc thread and have a quick browse at the little second hand book market.
Scored a Ngaio March i hadn't read before.Yeah
After that i had lunch with a friend.

Then home to feed the kitties.
Onwards to the supermarket and then home again.
This time to annoy the kitties with playing around with fabric on wich they were not allowed to sit. Something wich they thought ridiculous and down right unnatural.

After that i drank some tea in the garden and sewed on the skirt. IN THE SUN...thats right we had some SUN today. 
Love having a garden but when the sun shines i downright adore it.
I ended my afternoon with baking some pizzas. They tast so much better when you make them yourself and you know exactly what went in them

And now i'm ending the day with a quick hoover of my house and then some knitting.

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Today i finally started on something from the books of Alabama Chanin. I have loved her patterns for ages. And something about hand sewing feels really right for me. Guess that comes from being a knitter.

this is what its suppose to become.

This is how it looks now.
I'm seriously affraid of cutting. Its so definate. Nothing at all like knitting actually ;-)

i did get some helpt.Although i'm inclined to believe it had more to do with the pattern paper then actual care ;-)

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I stay up way past my bedtime just to knit. A friend of mine came over last night and was convinced the jumper would not fir. So after he left i started a speed knitting session. And voila! Proof it does fit!
And rather well too if i say so myself. Now of to bed. And maybe tomorrow night i will have time to start the hood.

I look really sleepy....wich i am so go figure ;-)

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all the thinking about color worked out just fine in my humble opinion and my Douglas Adam tribute jumper
No only hoping it will cool down a bit so i can wear it

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The pretty, pretty colours in the flowers i got from dear W.

some pretty pretty yarn from our yarn deying evening. Mine is the second from the right.

pretty pretty yarn all balled up.
I'm making an Onerva scarf with it

The sleeves form my fishy jumper.
colour are hard sometimes gard to match. I knitted this sleeve three times before i was happy with it.
( i went for the middle one )


Apr. 1st, 2012 09:59 pm
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I found my perfect new couch. And isn't this why i have a savings account?
It wil arrive in two weeks....perfect place to sit and reflect. Or in al honesty, drink tea, knit and watch silly murder mysteries.

And maybe even some serious cudling  ;-)

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Four weeks back i aquired an guest cat. her name is Tonnie and her people are going on a year trip walking around the world. Tonnie is a ten year old, slight crooked, slightly too fat tabby. Who scares easily and is a terrible diva.
The first few weeks were difficult.
My big black cat was curious and  tried to make friends. His attempts were terribly misunderstood and a catwar began.
My couch ( luckely i was already searching for a new one) was the first victim. It got pied on several times and how ever hard i scrub the smell is there to stay.
So next week i'm going to buy a new one, but thats an other story.

Slowly the cat situation is getting better. The house and the cats are dosed with Bach Rescue and feliway cat feromons spray.
This morning i found the cutest little scene on my bed.

i think we are going to be alright

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Beste weekend in maanden!
Ik heb mn reiki 1 gehaald. Weekend met ontzettend veel energie. Maar daarna was het tijd om te aarden. Toen N me opbelde of ik zin had om een ritje te maken heb ik ook spontaan ja gezegd. Hij stond al voor de deur voordat ik spijt kon krijgen.
Super fijn en spannend. Maar 1 van de beste dingen om te aarden. je zit lekker dicht tegen een lief iemand aan, bent je super bewust van je lichaam door al de wind die op je lichaam drukt en je moet wel op letten en in het moment zijn want je moet mee bewegen.

Wel een beetje overtollig adrenaline dus ik ga maar eens eten koken en dan heeeel lang douchen. Heb waarschijnlijk 2 liter crèmespoeling nodig om de klitten uit mn haar te krijgen. En morgen heb ik vast ontzettende spierpijn maar het was het zeker waard!
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Zo was mijn week. Nare week maar gelukkig ook wel wat  lichtpuntjes.

En mijn vestje is af

zit heerlijk en geel is zo veelzijdiger als ik dacht. Past haast overal bij.

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Currently working on two projects. A yellow alpaca drops cardigan. Perfect match for the daffodils i bought this morning. With all this dark and somber weather i'm in need for things that bring some sunshine in my life.

and just in case the weather gods are nice and will bless us with some snow in the comming months i'm knitting a chullo hat.
With little polar bears on it, so cute


Jan. 16th, 2012 10:22 pm
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J had her birthday last week and luckely an other friend told me about Scout performing in our little city. So I took J. out to see it as a birthday present.
We had a great time although we both felt really sorry for her because she looked rather ill. And we were amazed how well she managed to sing while being so sick.

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Saw these boots a while back at the Esprit store. Way out of my price range. But i loved them because they look exactly like my favorite pair that got destroyed at work last summer.
They look like they are made for long walks through the autumn forrest, along the beach and maybe be even some skipping towards the store.Sturdy, but still lovely under a dress or skirt.

Today i saw they were on sale!Yeah. I tried them on, they fit me well but one of them had a scratch. Lovely shop lady told me to try online. And a good thing i did. In the store they were 79,99 but the online store offered them for 59,99
Such a nice day

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