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i have found a new artist i really love on etsy
after Rima Staines www.etsy.com/shop/thehermitage who's pictures i adore i found an other one. While Rima's pictues are fairytale like and a bit dark in these pictures in want to live. www.etsy.com/shop/davidwyatt

But now i am in dubio. Wich one will i order. Idealy it would be both but i can't afford both.
So will it be this one

or will it be this one:

i so love the forrest and fall leaves and green mossy stones and otters and water..sight

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My cat has the longest tail known to cat's

Hema tealights burn an hour longer then Tiger's ones.

knitting when your tired usually turns out bad..i had to frog the whole darn thing
( love the yarn though, its Holst Garn , bought at Trollenwol the other day but thats an other post )

but luckely my fair isle cardigan is still intact. ( the missing arm is not because i frogged it but because i haven't knitted it yet )

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My christmas cardigan was finished a week before christmas.
And it certainly helped making this years holliday extra nice



Dec. 24th, 2011 12:27 pm
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Yesterday after i came out of my shift i went to lunch with J. A very dear friend of mine who is also a brilliant singer ( listen to her sing at her website:www.jenzenjoe.nl/ )

After lunch we popped in a little shop that was about to close and had a massive sale and i walked straight in to my long coveted amber ring. I've been looking for such a ring for years. I'm rather picky about my semi preciouce stones so it has been a failed mission up to now. The amber has just the right shade of yellow/orange and large but not to large.

Afterwards i went home, i was pretty shattered. I spend some time knitting on my nice fair isle cardigan and then got a phone call from my work that my saterday shift was canceled! i do need to keep my phone on and be able to be at work in 20 minutes so i can't get to my parents place earlier than planned. But i have lots of time to potter around the house. Clean, bake and pack. And probebly knit a little more

Merry christmas!
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hello dreamwidth!


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